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What We Believe

Here at MMTA, our motto is “Where communication has no limits” because we believe that individuals with complex language profiles have an unlimited capacity to learn, and that they need to be surrounded by adults and peers who aggressively pursue their potential.  As speech language pathologists specializing in social language, we believe that social connection is the foundation for learning effective language, and that language is the foundation for most learning.  We understand that each person has a unique learning style that requires knowledge of and flexibility with multiple therapeutic methods in order to best meet that individual’s needs.  We see individuals as members of broader communities and program with relevant skills in mind.  We recognize that communication needs change as an individual ages, and plan accordingly.  We believe that the development of how an individual sees him or herself is paramount, and has to be nurtured along the way.


Here at MMTA we strive to:

  • Get to the bottom of communication deficits through specialized evaluations, diagnostic therapy, and individualized, data-driven therapeutic programs

  • Maintain a fun clinic atmosphere in which the hard work of communication can be done

  • Bring a range and a combination of methods to treatment

  • Function as an integral part of a team (lead or be a team player), including school and home consultation when requested and viable

  • Have general knowledge of school systems and of special education law at the classroom, school, and district levels to enhance programming community-wide

  • Support families in their communication with and their advocacy for their children

  • Train other professionals to integrate effective communication methods into daily practice

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