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AAC Services

AAC Evaluations

Whether you’re new to the AAC world or are questioning if an individual’s system is the right fit, a robust AAC evaluation is essential in determining which system will best optimize communication. Evaluations will be tailored to the needs of the individual and will include a combination of standardized assessments, non-standardized assessments, and trialing of AAC devices and programs that are deemed appropriate for the individual. The evaluation process will also include an observation of the individual in their home or school environment and a consultation with their team members prior to the evaluation. A records review and a written report that can be submitted to insurance are also included in the fee.  Team training, follow-up consultation, and device programming are also available upon request, for separate fees.

AAC Consultation

Consultation will be designed to match the needs of an individual, family, or school (public or private), and may include programming of a new or existing AAC device and recommendations for communicative success in home and school environments.  Workshops and/or didactic trainings regarding the use of AAC, broadly, are also available.    

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