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Direct Therapy:

Speech & Language

Speech-language therapy may include a range of objectives, including enhancement of early communication systems, vocabulary and grammar, articulation, motor speech, fluency, engagement, social cognition skills, and play. Objectives are determined by an initial intake, review of records, interview of the individual, caregivers, and/or other service providers, and several initial sessions of diagnostic therapy. A variety of treatment methods are utilized as needed, but for young clients a circuit of adult-directed practice, child-directed play, and semi-structured activities are often used in which motivating activities are employed to entice children into skill practice in a fun way. For older clients, efforts are still made to center around a child’s interests, and to keep skill practice fun. Therapy sessions may be 30, 45, or 60 minutes, and typically occur weekly or more frequently. Objectives are generated and reviewed on a quarterly basis.

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