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Workshops and lectures are typically provided in half-day (2-3 hours), full-day (4-8 hours), and multiple day formats, depending on the amount of time required to adequately cover a topic for a given audience. Participants may include families/caregivers, school personnel, agency personnel, and the public. Workshops involve a lecture and audience participation in the forms of discussion, group tasks, and/or make-and-take activities.


Frequently-requested topics include:

  • What is ASD or dyspraxia

  • Engagement and Social Cognition/Pragmatic Language Skills

  • Applied Behavior Analysis and Communication

  • Mixing TEACCH Strategies with Other Methods in the Classroom

  • Incidental Teaching

  • Including Students with Disparate Skills

  • Use of Visuals for Teaching Concepts, Language, Social Skill, and Play

  • Mixing Methods to Teach Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Creating Classrooms for Individuals with ASD (this is typically a week-long workshop)

  • Evaluating Language in Individuals with ASD with varying degrees of communicative abilities

  • Language and Social Skill Development

  • Teaching Conversation

  • Creating Effective and Efficient Data Systems for the Classroom Based on Measurable Goals and Objectives

  • Working with Families of Individuals with ASD

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