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Q & A

Lynn Medley, M.S., CCC-SLP - Communication and Educational Specialist, Co-Director, MMTA

Undergraduate Degree:  Vanderbilt University

Master’s Degree:  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Years at MMTA:  11


Areas of special interest: 

  • Conversation as a social language skill

  • Social development in individuals with social language deficits

  • The roles and methods of schools in teaching students with social language needs


Personal effects:

  • She is a single mom of a teen boy she adores 

  • She is a member of the Unitarian Universalist faith and has a special interest in religious education

  • She reads whenever she can and likes to get outdoors when it's not too hot

  • She takes a lot of pictures, especially of her son, of barns, and of unusual patterns she sees in nature


Some things you may not know about Lynn:

  • She hails from the deep south

  • She once won a cow chip throwing contest at a sorghum festival (if you have no idea what that means, just ask her!)

  • She is the office “handyman”

  • She is addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper

  • Her first paying job as an SLP was doing research on the effects of middle ear fluid on language development in low income African American children

Janice Mesaric M.S., CCC-SLP - Communication and Educational Specialist, Co-Director, MMTA

Undergraduate Degree: Loyola University, Baltimore

Master’s Degree:  Loyola University, Baltimore


Years at MMTA:  11


Areas of Special Interest:

• Oral Motor and Dyspraxia

• Children with emerging language

• Individuals whose communication abilities are compromised by complex sensory and/or motor needs


Personal Effects

  • She is a single mom to two young kids

  • She loves yoga and is forever trying to stretch her practice off the mat, especially breathing through the antics of her above two cherubs

  • She loves to walk, hike, and go to the beach


Some things you may not know

  • She is a closeted hip-hop and rap fan

  • She left her heart in San Francisco

  • Her guilty pleasure is reality TV and People magazine

  • She zip-lined through the rain forest in Puerto Rico to acknowledge her 40th birthday

  • Her curly hair didn’t emerge until she was 16 - (prior to then she got perms!)

Jill Hendricks, M.A., CCC-SLP

Undergraduate Degree:  Temple University

Master’s Degree:  Temple University


Years at MMTA: 3 as an intern, 1 as a therapist


Areas of special interest: 

  • Early language development

  • Voice disorders

  • AAC


Personal effects:

  • She is the proud mom of two cats, Link and Sasha Fierce, and a cockatiel, Mattie

  • She has been an avid Beyoncé/Destiny’s Child fan for over 10 years

  • She is a marathon runner


Some things you may not know about Jill:

  • Jill met Lynn when she was in college, working at Starbucks, and Lynn was her customer!

  • Her family immigrated to the United States from Indonesia

  • She has seen Ben Folds in concert 9 times

  • She is a thrift shopping and bargain hunting expert.

  • She had a previous job as a wedding singer

Brittany Hee, M.A., CCC-SLP

Undergraduate Degree:  Penn State University

Master’s Degree: Temple University


Years at MMTA:  1


Areas of special interest:

  • Social cognition in adolescents

  • Language and word-retrieval skills

  • Voice and fluency disorders


Personal effects:                                             

  • She was born and raised in “Delco”, and has lived in 5 different Delaware County towns

  • She is a die-hard Penn State football fan

  • She has 24 first cousins, the majority of whom also live in Delco


Some things you may not know about Brittany:

  • She has been a singer her whole life, and was the director of an all-female acappella group in college (yes, just like Pitch Perfect)

  • She thrives on her hidden skills of rapping and beatboxing

  • Staff members at MMTA refer to her as “The Nutcracker” because she is notorious for working with clients that are self-proclaimed “tough nuts to crack”

  • She spends too much of her free time on Pinterest pinning therapy materials and recipes

Lindsay Bacalles, M.S., CCC-SLP

Undergraduate Degree: Penn State University

Graduate Degree: Hofstra University

In process of getting ESL certification from Eastern University


Years at MMTA: 6


Areas of special interest:

  • Second Language Development

  • Social Language Development

  • School Based Speech Services


Personal Effects:

  • She lives with her husband, Lee, her daughter, Olivia, and her Boston Terrier, Conshy.

  • She loves to spend her summers down the shore with her extended family

  • Photography is a hobby she is learning, she practices by taking pictures of Olivia and Conshy

  • Running and yoga are her favorite ways to spend her free time


Some things you may not know about Lindsay:

  • Her favorite treat is anything that has peanut butter and chocolate

  • She loves to travel and has a long list of places she wishes to visit

  • She loves to plan and organize anything – parties, a closet, and therapy are just some examples

  • She has run in over a dozen half marathons, and tries to run in at least one distance run each year

Alexa Busler, M.A., CCC-SLP

Undergraduate Degree: University of Pittsburgh

Master’s Degree: University of Pittsburgh


Years at MMTA: <1


Areas of special interest:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Preschool/Early Language Development

  • Childhood Fluency Disorders


Personal effects:

  • She loves being active and outdoors, experimenting with new recipes, and exploring new restaurants

  • She likes to spend time off traveling to new places- her favorite destination was South Africa

  • She values time with friends and family, including her a twin (not identical) sister, Rachael


Some things you may not know about Alexa:

  • She is a lover of coffee, cats, and murder-mystery television

  • She has a strong phobia of bugs

  • Her favorite holiday is Halloween

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